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In 1918, California Drafted Children Into a War On Squirrels

29 Nov

Perhaps you are unacquainted with the California War on Squirrels, 1918. Read about it here in a fascinating story by Dave Gilson at Atlas Obscura: In 1918, California Drafted Children Into a War On Squirrels | Atlas Obscura


South Dakota Harney Peak to be Renamed Black Elk Peak: Politicians Upset

12 Aug

The renaming of a Black Hills peak would please Black Elk and Crazy Horse, I think. Read about it at Native News Online: South Dakota Harney Peak to be Renamed Black Elk Peak: Politicians Upset – Native News Online

Whaling art found in a logbook.

19 Nov

After exhausting the fisheries around New England, 19th-century whaling ships needed to go farther afield, taking years-long journeys to distant oceans to find their prey. “These extended trips offered more leisure time,” the curators of a new exhibition of whaling artwork at the Providence Public Library write, “and many whalemen chose to fill that time in artistic pursuits.”

So writes Rebecca Onion at Slate’s The Vault about some fascinating watercolors of whale hunting by James Moore Ritchie in the 1840s.


You can view the entire post, with more pictures, here: History of whaling: Whaling art found in a logbook..

What Does a [Natural Science] Curator Do?

10 Jul

If you have ever wondered what a curator does, this post by Charles Preston the Draper Natural History Museum of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West provides an enlightening explanation: What Does a Curator Do? – Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

Buffalo Bill Center of the West puts collections online

17 Apr

Yee  haw! The Buffalo Bill Center of the West–formerly the Buffalo Bill Historical Center–is announcing the debut of its Online Collections.

The announcement and the portal is here: The New Online Collections – Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

The collections are stunning in their scope and variety–Buffalo Bill Cody material, Western art, Plains Indian crafts, firearms, Yellowstone Basin environment. My wife and I got to explore them extensively in 2002-2003. Now they will be available digitally to a global audience.

Carl Preussl’s Old Faithful

24 Mar

Carl Preussl painted Yellowstone’s Old Faithful (1929) in a manner that suggests nature’s power, both in geyser and in color. Tourists, then and now, pay attention, at least for a moment. (Cars were no longer new in the park then; you can see touring cars depicted in the painting at the bottom.)

The original is at the Whitney Gallery of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. A post on the painting from the BBCW is here: Treasures: Carl Preussl’s Old Faithful.

U.S. Streets and Rivers

8 Jul

Understanding “place” includes, of course, geography. Maps are part of the construction of places–and they can also help us see places. Matt Rosenberg’s About.com Geography provides this information about two U.S. maps that can help us see some places anew:

Two incredible maps of the conterminous 48 United States show nothing but the streets and streams. The first, All Streets, is the product of Ben Fry and it consists of 240 million road segments. It clearly displays the density of urban areas along with the topography of the country in road-less regions. The second map, All Rivers is a more natural detailed view of the topography of the country, displaying the watersheds of the nation. Both maps are absolutely worth a look.

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