Creation and Debating Darwin

9 Dec

There were so many things I thought I knew as a lifelong Christian and as a historian of American religion: about Darwin, about nineteenth-century science, and about who took up which positions and why. Even about Scopes, Bryan, and Darrow. Nearly all of those things turned out to be more complicated than I thought. History usually does. (Christian History Managing Editor Jennifer Woodruff Tait)

Christian History‘s latest issue (107) is Debating Darwin: How Christians Responded. My copy arrived in the mail a few days ago. I’ve started to read it, and I find it very helpful so far. You can find the entire issue online here.

(The periodical has been around for a while. For most of its life it was published by Christianity Today, but after folding briefly, it has been resurrected as an independent publication. It does not pretend to provide cutting-edge scholarship. Instead, it seeks to provide to a broad evangelical audience syntheses of historical knowledge on various Christian topics.)

I point all this out since issues surrounding creation and science are of concern to the Northwestern College community. Indeed, my colleague Don Wacome is offering PHI333 this spring. Entitled Creation, the course sounds fascinating, since, to quote from the poster/handout from Don, it will explore “the ideas of creation, providence and miracles,” examining “intelligent design” along the way.

Historical perspective can help in all of this, so, if you are interested, take a look at the Debating Darwin issue of Christian History.




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